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How can you stay lean during the holiday?

It’s the time of the year when people on average gain 5 to 10 pounds. The next two months will bring ample opportunity for you to indulge, to enjoy and to expand your waistline. Of course the choice is yours.  Most will wait till January to begin a new training program, but there are a few who will hedge their eating and increase cardio to make up for the holiday food surplus.

Now is the time to begin reestablishing your fitness program so that by the time January 1st rolls around, you will already be in good shape.  So in this moment of clarity, this calm before the storm, let’s outline a plan that will save you from unwanted holiday pounds.

1) Start Training Today: Exercise is the first thing to go when people get busy, and the holiday season is notorious for empty gyms. This year do something different and go to the gym or join a gym.  There are several things you can do to kick start your program.

  • Hire a personal trainer – By hiring a personal trainer this will get you back on track.  A good trainer will establish two important principals: accountability and awareness.  He will also establish a fitness program that will get you on track.
  • Take a cardio class – Find a cardio program that’s fun.  Kick boxing, sports, or spinning is a great way to burn calories.
  • Recruit a friend – Motivation is always a problem when starting a new program.  One way around this issue is to have someone you can be accountable to like a friend who is also committed to losing body fat.  Make sure that your friend is motivated, positive, and has similar goals.
  • Get your family involved – Support is the most important aspect to sticking to a fitness and nutritional program.  Have your family become part of your program.  This way you can support each other to reach a specified goal.

2) Moderation is Key – Please don’t over indulge.  This will be a huge problem come January 1st.  Go ahead and have what you want on Thanksgiving and Christmas but don’t stuff yourself so full that you feel sick.

  • At holiday parties load your plate first with greens, vegetables and lean meats before breads and heavier foods. Also drink water with your meal and keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum.
  • Watch what you drink, most beverages are filled to the brim with calories. Hot drinks from Starbucks, cocktails at parties and eggnog around a crackling fire-all very enjoyable and all filled with empty calories.
  • If you do indulge try to negate these calories by doing cardio the next day.

You are in control of your life and your waist line.  Now is the time to change.  The key is your mindset. Most people approach the holidays with the mindset that says ‘I deserve to indulge and I shouldn’t have to exercise since it’s the holidays.  This is fine if you don’t mind entering 2009 a few pounds heavier, a little less healthy, and with lower energy than ever before.

Enter 2009 in better shape than you are today.  Give yourself the gift of health and happiness.  You deserve it!


Food Recipe:


Hard boiled eggs,
Trader Joe’s Multigrain Oats,
Preparation:  Cook 18oz of the Multi Grain Oats (cook entire container).  In a separate large bowl cut up 4 apples and add the pieces to the bowl.  Also, add 2 cups of blueberries and a handful of raisins.  Add cinnamon.  Once you have finished cooking the oatmeal, add it to the bowl and then mix.
Meal: 2 to 4 hardboiled eggs and a fist full of the Oatmeal Mix.  Also, you can add ground flax seed to the Oatmeal.