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The Gut: The Hub of Health

So, I wanted to post some of my insights or thoughts on health, wellness, and anti-aging. Given much of the research that I have done, I have come to the conclusion that the gut is the center of health and that all disease and health symptoms start […]

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So I got back on Sunday from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals

So I got back on Sunday from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and I wanted to mention a few highlights from the lectures. What did I learn? Nitric Oxide plays a pivotal role in heart disease, energy, erectile dysfunction, athletic performance, immune modulation, strength and stamina.  […]

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Did you Know if You Made…

Did you know that if you made $100,000 in 2000, just to keep up with inflation, you would have to make $158,000 today.  OMG!  Am I reading this correctly?  An article written by a researcher at the American Institute for Economic Research discuses and address inflation over the past 12 […]

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Restoration/Stimulation and Program Design

    Hey Guys, I thought you would find this interesting… Most people assume that hard core cardio or interval training or weight training is good for stress.  It’s not!  Exercise is a form of physical stress that really beats up the adrenal glands and makes it […]

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You May Be Paying for Needless Tests Prescribed By Your Doctor

The report of American Medical Association (AMA) made a revealing report that American patients are habitually suing their medical doctors for every opportunity they can grab and thus medical doctors are now becoming smarter to find some shield against medical malpractice lawsuits. Because of the disgruntled patients […]

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