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Personal Trainers and Our Program

Medical DoctorShawn has one of the best if not the best training programs in Los Angeles. After training with Shawn I completely reshaped my body. His diet and training program helped me achieve all of my goals… read more

– Yasser Bhatt, M.D.

Singer Best Personal Trainer Shawn has helped me with my performances by changing my diet and exercise program to increase my energy, stamina, and productivity. He’s wonderful to work with. Very easy going, patient and a very good teacher. I’ve had a lot of trainers since being in the industry and Shawn is by far the best… read more

– Barry

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Get Ready to Be Fit

Are you completely frustrated with the way you look and feel? Are you looking into the mirror, not fitting into clothes and simply feeling fed up? At Perfect Body Inc., we will help you address these common issues and change both your body and your life.

By the time people get to my web site, they are completely frustrated with the way they look and feel. Looking in the mirror, not fitting into clothes, getting teased at work, or simply feeling tired all the time are all common issues I hear from new clients. I understand that working in today’s stressful fast pace job market has made losing weight and getting in shape seem virtually impossible. I used to work as a Financial Advisor at Smith Barney and I know how hard it is to lose fat and to tone my body while working 50 to 60 hours a week. It can be really tough.But yes, with the right tools our doctor approved program can help you completely reshape your body.

Perfect Body Inc. – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Clients are overwhelmingly happy with the results they achieve by following our training and nutritional program. You can trust the quality of service and the proper guidance from our trainers. We are…

  • Up to date on the latest research for both nutrition and training
  • Are qualified experts and are result oriented
  • Provide clients with high quality service
  • Teach and educate clients so that they feel empowered
  • Inspire, motivate and simply have fun

This combination of quality and experience has been the winning formula for my company.

Choose which fitness plan is best for you:

15 Plus Program

This plan is perfect for men or women who need to lose around 10 to 20 pounds. This plan allocates an even distribution between building muscle and losing fat. Most clients lose about 2 to 5 inches off of their waist in the first month and double their strength in 3 months. Clients will lose around 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week and about 4 to 8 pounds of fat per month. In the first week this can be accelerated because some will hold excess water. So, in addition to fat loss, clients can lose in the first 7 to 10 days 3 to 7 pounds of water depending on their sodium intake. About 1/3 of our clients that complete this program begin the Body Sculpting Program.

Overall Master Fat Loss Program

This plan is for new clients who need to lose 30 plus pounds and whose waist measurement is above the desired or normal healthy reference range. The design of this plan is to reduce overall body fat and to increase some muscle. The muscle training portion of this plan focuses on major muscle groups specifically legs and back. Similar to the 15 Plus Program, clients will lose 4 to 8 pounds of fat per month and because of the nature of this program in some cases they exceed 8 pounds.

Muscle Building Program

This plan’s main goal is to build as much muscle in a short period of time. This plan is well suited for the type of person who is generally thin and needs to gain weight. About 1 out of 7 of our clients are considered an ectomorph (thin frame) and would be suitable for this program.

Advanced Programs

Athletic Program

This plan is perfect for the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. This plan dedicates much time towards increasing speed, power, and agility. The Athletic Plan is perfect for soccer, basketball, football, surfing, snow boarding and skiing.

Body Sculpting Program

This more advanced plan focuses on training both large and small muscle groups and aims towards polishing aesthetics
specifically small waist, perfect abs and butt, and nice broad back and shoulders. This plan is primarily used by models and actors or anyone that is already in shape and is looking to take it to the next level.

Accelerated Program

This program can be incorporated into any of the above programs and is perfect for the person that is ready to get in shape yesterday. This program has clients train with one of our trainers 5 to 6 times a week and primary focus is to get results asap!


Included in all of the programs above is our unique nutritional plans and customized diets. Our company provides two services for the price of one. So instead of spending extra money on both a nutritionist and a personal trainer, we provide both services for one reasonable price. Another aspect to our fitness program is the Holistic Life Coaching Assement. This is included in the packages. If you would like to read more about this assement click here: Holistic Life Coach

plate-of-healthy-foodAn important part of our program is teaching clients how to eat to lose weight. On the first day Shawn will spend an hour or more discussing various super foods, the holistic life coach questionaire and your metabolic type – all of which will help you lose weight. Shawn will teach you everything you need to know to create your perfect body. His expertise will help you reshape your body and on average you can lose up to 2 to 5 inches off of your waist in the first month. The nutritional program is vital to Shawn’s success with his clients. He adds another level of accountability and awareness by asking his clients to keep a food journal and to bring this in once a week in addition to their waist and weight measurements. This part of the fitness program is critical and allows dialogue that supports results and change. Over the course of the program there continues to be many conversations which include eating out, ordering in, cooking, grocery shopping, and supplementation.

To read more about nutrition, holistic life coach, orour unique approach click on either link.

Our Program

Most of our clients initially come to us because they are completely frustrated with their weight, lack motivation, hate the way they look, and simply need help! I don’t blame them. Given all of the noise and opinions in the health and fitness community it is extremely confusing trying to decide what program to follow.

We help solve all of these problems. We will customize your diet and training program and base your program on your goals, level of experience, and lifestyle. One of the common mistakes that I see trainers make in the fitness industry is using their own training program for their clients. We feel that everybody is different and it’s important to customize a program based on the client, not on the trainer.

We can help you, but of course you must meet us half way. It does take work and effort to completely change your body. I always like to be up front and honest with my clients convincing them that it does take time and energy to change. The fitness world, infomercials and some trainers love to sell quick fixes. They basically are saying that you practically don’t have to do anything and you’ll change overnight. I feel that people are tired of lies and can see thru quick fixes. Most people just want the truth. I’m here to say that yes, changing your body and your life does take time and energy, but it’s doable and worth it! We will be here every step of the way helping and guiding you so that you can reach your goal.

We care about you and your results

Some trainers in the industry might view you as another paycheck. We take pride in helping and guiding you throughout the training process so that you can reach your goal. After training and following our program, you will have more energy, feel happier and confident and become excited about your life again. When I worked in banking and I let myself gain weight, it felt great when I recommitted and started a new training program. It was this commitment that made me feel good inside. One important lesson that I learned was that self love is the greatest gift a person could give to themselves. Learning to love ourselves is what we live for. This self love will express itself as confidence, a glowing aura, good health, and attract loving partners.

So, whether a client is a college student, a grandmother, or a CFO of some large company, they’ve all had similar responses:

“I feel and look sexier”   “I get more compliments from fellow co-workers.”
“I’m the ‘talk’ of my high school reunion.”   “I can’t believe it, I have a six pack!”
“I simply feel and look more attractive.”   “I simply just feel more confident.”
“I have more energy and I’m more productive at work.”
“I’m amazed that I lost weight and never felt hungry.”


If you would like to view more testimonials please feel free to go to the testimonial page and watch several videos of our clients.

What will you learn from following my program?

You will learn:

  • How to eat to lose fat.
  • When and how much to eat.
  • Picking the right foods at the grocery store.
  • How to stay motivated and consistent.
  • How often you should exercise.
  • How to better understand your metabolism.
  • The best exercises for you to reshape your body.
  • The best cardio program given your goals.
  • The proper form and technique for exercises at the gym.
  • How to get past plateaus.
  • How to reach a new level of fitness beyond what you have accomplished in the past.


For more information about our unique services about weight loss, training, nutrition, supplements, toning and shaping, please check out these links:


We look forward to working with you.