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Our Holistic Personal Training Program: Find a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills


Finding or looking for a personal trainer in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or any city can be a daunting task.  What do you look for in a personal trainer?  How do you find the right person for you?  Is that person experienced?  Will you get results?…

To answer these questions and many more, below is a timeline of how we structure our program. Our personal training program will help you achieve quick results so that you can look and feel better.


Our Holistic Training Program

What should you expect with our program?  Our program is the premier holistic personal training program in Los Angeles.  It is the most integrative and comprehensive method you will ever encounter.  Because change in general is tough and can be overwhelming, we use a layered approach so that you can absorb our system in various phases over the course of a few months.  Here’s what our health and fitness program looks like:

Week 1 & 2 – Exercise Focus

Learn everything you need to know to tone and shape your body by using exercise. Our focus will be on:

  • Interval and Cardio Training
  • Athletic Training
  • Weight Training
  • Functional Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Postural Training
  • Overall Flexibility
  • Injury Rehab

Week 3 & 4 – Nutrition Focus

Once exercise has become a habit, we add in nutrition. We focus on tips and techniques to speed up toning and shaping, fat loss, and an increase in energy. I’ll set up a time to meet with you to discuss the nutritional program. This session is a 45 minute session discussing nutrition and healthy eating.

Exercise training will be continued throughout the entire process.


Week 5 & 6 – Holistic Lifestyle Focus

Now we add in holistic lifestyle coaching to help you increase vitality, energy, mental clarity and of course a boost in fat loss and gaining muscle. This will focus on sleep quality, digestion and stress management techniques. Too much stress and not enough sleep can make it extremely difficult to change your body.  We begin to focus on:

  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Energy Exercises
  • Improving Sleep


Week 7 & 8 – Motivation Focus

Now we add in a motivational focus. Learn how to maintain consistency and learn more about Holistic Training for better results.


Week 9  – Overall Health Focus

Focus on all of the principals and foundations to good health, energy, and body sculpting.


Week 10 and after – Lab Testing (only if needed)

If clients still have remaining health symptoms, we begin with our Lab Testing Program.  For more information on Lab Testing, please click on the following link: Lab Testing



Weekly Emails

Every week you will receive various emails that will elaborate on a particular area or “Focus”. For example, “what are the best foods to lose fat” or “why is it important to eat 5 times a day vs. 2 times a day”.

First Session

What do we do on our first day? Day 1 – 1.5 hour consultation and workout. This session will include:

  • Medical History and Questionnaire
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Physical Assessment
  • Workout


Learn More

Would you like to learn more about our unique program?  Please visit the following web pages that best describes our program in detail.  Click on the links below: