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Success Stories: Real People, Real Results

Hear What Other People Had To Say About Shawn’s Program… Below is a list of testimonials and videos from a variety of people.  All of whom had different goals and body types.

Yasser Bhatt, M.D.

Medical Doctor
Shawn has one of the best if not the best training programs in Los Angeles.  After training with Shawn I completely reshaped my body.  His diet and training program helped me achieve all of my goals.

This was my first experience with a trainer and I came into the program with the expectation that I would learn to develop a long term weight resistance training program that would keep me healthy and injury free. I had played soccer competitively in the past but had lost some of my ‘game’ and I hoped this program would help with that as well. The best thing about Shawn’s program is that it is a total body and life ‘workout’. He developed a nutrition plan with me that helped me lose weight but more importantly got me eating healthy – I have managed to keep my new diet for 4 months now! I got fitter, faster and more energetic with the diet and exercise. The sugar highs and lows are eliminated and I perform better at my job and the soccer field. I highly recommend Shawn – he is the thinking person’s trainer!

Barry Manilow

Singer Best Personal Trainer
Shawn has helped me with my performances by changing my diet and exercise program to increase my energy, stamina, and productivity. He’s wonderful to work with. Very easy going, patient and a very good teacher. I’ve had a lot of trainers since being in the industry and Shawn is by far the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their body and their lives.


Featured On KCAL 9 News “9 On The Town”

Shawn was asked to be a feature on KCAL 9 news.  His role was to train “Skye”, a TV producer, and help her lose weight and body fat over a 4 week period.  Skye lost 10 pounds of fat in those 4 weeks.  KCAL 9 News documented these training sessions by showing her progress over that period of time.  Skye followed a strict program that included a change in diet, in addition to adding strength training, and cardio to her daily activities.

After our first session, I spent about an hour and a half with Skye reviewing various nutritional tips to get her started.  We went over her grocery list, supplements, and diet. We covered how much protein she should eat, what type of carbs she should eat, as well as how many cardio and strength training sessions will help her reach her goal. See her video clips below:

Training: Day 1

Training: Week 2

Training: Week 4