holistic training mentorship

Shawn is a certified Holistic Life Coach. This type of holistic approach focuses on detoxing, digestion, breathing, water intake, physical rehabilitation of injuries, movement, nutrition, exercise, sleep, thoughts and meditation as they relate to common goals such as fat loss, gaining muscle, body sculpting and enhanced energy and well being.



Fat loss and Body Sculpting is a common goal, but there are many things that can cause you to slow down, plateau, or begin to gain weight such as:

  • Low energy
  • Sugar craving
  • Junk food cravings
  • Low motivation
  • Stress levels
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Low sex drive
  • Sluggish thyroid
  • Injuries
  • Poor sleep
  • Body toxins






Our scientific method bridges the gap between East and West making fat loss a much easier and more efficient process. The best way to understand our process is to compare what we do to a computer software optimization program such as Norton 360.

Let’s say that you have computer that is running slow; surfing the web takes forever and files are slow to open. Maybe you have too much spyware or maybe the settings on your computer need to be changed. So, to fix the problem, you purchase a software optimization program such as Norton 360 or some other software optimization programs. All of a sudden your computer is zipping through programs, opening and shutting down files and folders quickly, and surfing the web faster than ever.

This is similar to our process – like optimizing your computer, we help optimize your body so that it is easier to lose body fat and enhance well being and increase overall energy levels. So what is Physical Health? It is the absence of symptoms and looking and feeling your best (see video).

While most western medical doctors focus on disease states, we look to move our clients from a sub-optimal state to an optimal state. This process of optimization is a vital component of the holistic lifestyle questionnaire and assessment.

It’s common practice to visit a doctor when you’re having a variety of symptoms. One issue that I’ve personally experienced in the past occurred when I had symptoms of fatigue and depression. After a full work up, doctors told me that I was healthy and that my lab work was normal. This was very frustrating. Doctors are trained to look for disease and if you do not have a disease they simply can’t help you. When doctors do try to help you, they will prescribe toxic drugs which can lead to even more symptoms. After our assessment and analysis, we get our clients feeling their best through natural means. Here’s a video on identifying physical roadblocks:


Meditation has been scientifically proven to help with sleep, balancing brain activity and reducing stress. It also has been useful in developing and expanding human performance specifically to increase speed and agility, lose weight, improve concentration, assist in healing, and much more.


At Perfect Body Inc., we recognize and acknowledge the value of meditation and use it as a tool for two specific goals:

  • Human performance (weight loss, concentration, sleep, anxiety, etc.)
  • Metaphysical and self exploration


While most clients focus on Human Performance, there are some clients who request CDs and more information to assist them with further self exploration and development. There are many CDs developed by the Monroe Institute that help support a deeper state of meditation to pursue enhanced human performance and self exploration. For more information please visit The Monroe Institute.

Whatever your motivation, meditation is a useful tool to help you achieve your goal. I do feel that there has been some type of shift in consciousness since 9/11. Again, this shift has occurred recently after the stock market and housing crisis collapse. The materialism that was once the be all for many has shifted to pursue ideologies with greater meaning and purpose. Not to say that material goods and luxuries don’t play some type of role in life, but I believe that it is becoming less fulfilling and people seem to be looking for other areas of fulfillment. With this shift, I feel that mediation can play a supportive role in this process. Meditation can be used for two reasons: 1) for personal empowerment and human performance and 2) for Metaphysical purposes and self exploration. At Perfect Body Inc., we offer the opportunity to explore these areas by utilizing technology that assists and induces specific types of altered states using sound technology. This technology was originated at the Monroe Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to research focusing on mediation and sound wave technology. We invite you to explore this aspect of your life and to use this technology to help you with your own personal development and spiritual growth.