Los Angeles Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach: public speaking engagement

Shawn is a dynamic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic speaker, certified Los Angeles personal trainer, nutritional and fitness expert. Shawn will teach how to change your body from the inside out. Let him help you achieve your best body.

Seminars are custom tailored focusing on the most important points that will help a person get their life back and optimize their health. These talks will include advice and guidance on weight loss, nutrition and personal training programs, cardio training, psychological factors and emotions eating.

To schedule a seminar and learn more, feel free to call us at (310) 720-8125.


  • What To Buy At the Grocery Store
  • How To Look Young And Stay Young
  • Hot Topics on Nutrition And Supplements
  • The Best Exercises To Lose Fat
  • Healthy Eating On The Run
  • Healthy Eating Out
  • Eating for Success In A Corporate World
  • Preventing And Reversing Disease
  • Why Lipo Doesn’t Work
  • Winning Strategies For Permanent Weight Loss
  • 7 Steps To Tone And Shape Your Body
  • Popular Diets and Books – What’s Real And What’s Not
  • What’s The Difference Between Emotional Eating And Physical Hunger


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was treated to a fun filled and educational presentation on the importance of exercise and nutrition by one of the most dynamic instructors we have ever invited to our Wellness Program. Shawn Phillips possesses an ability to relate directly to his audience and in communicating about vital information for healthy living in a most loving and supportive manner. He never judges, criticizes or embarrasses anyone due to their physical limitations. Shawn skillfully combines the importance of mind, body and spirit into his presentation.

Richard Weintraub

Director, Training - LA County Sheriff’s Office

Shawn is a dynamic speaker. His presentation focuses not only on the physical aspect of nutrition and fitness, but also on the importance of your mental attitude. He’s a firm believer in the principle that our thinking creates our reality. His step by step approach to fitness and nutrition gives you all the tools you need to stay in shape, feel motivated and great, and have the body you’ve always wanted!

Gabriel Gonsalves

President & Owner - Empowered Actors Co.

When MNI, a Time Inc. division that sells local advertising in national magazines, launched their new sales initiative representing national Health & Fitness magazines, I called Shawn Phillips to be our spokesperson,” states MNI Western Regional Manager Jeff Ditmire, Los Angeles. “I knew that Shawn was a super personal trainer and had appeared on TV segments, so I knew Shawn would be the right guy to come speak with my clients, advertising agencies and major companies in Southern California, about the benefits of health and fitness. Having Shawn speak in front of my clients was a super way to stress the importance of health and fitness as well as introduce our new media offerings which dealt with the same topic. One lucky client received a complimentary training session with Shawn. Shawn is personable, intelligent and can really get his point across to a small or large group on the benefits of staying healthy.

Jet Ditmire

Marketing Director MNI - Time Warner Company