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Hear What Other People Had To Say About Shawn’s Los Angeles Personal Training Program


Below is a list of testimonials and videos from a variety of people.  All of whom had different goals and body types.

Shawn has helped me with my performances by changing my diet and exercise program to increase my energy, stamina, and productivity. He’s wonderful to work with. Very easy going, patient and a very good teacher. I’ve had a lot of trainers since being in the industry and Shawn is by far the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their body and their lives.

Barry Manilow


Shawn has helped me with my performances by changing my diet and exercise program to increase my energy, stamina, and productivity. He’s wonderful to work with. Very easy going, patient and a very good teacher. I’ve had a lot of trainers since being in the industry and Shawn is by far the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their body and their lives.

Yasser Bhatt, M.D.


Shawn has one of the best if not the best training programs in Los Angeles.  After training with Shawn I completely reshaped my body.  His diet and training program helped me achieve all of my goals.

This was my first experience with a trainer and I came into the program with the expectation that I would learn to develop a long term weight resistance training program that would keep me healthy and injury free. I had played soccer competitively in the past but had lost some of my ‘game’ and I hoped this program would help with that as well. The best thing about Shawn’s program is that it is a total body and life ‘workout’. He developed a nutrition plan with me that helped me lose weight but more importantly got me eating healthy – I have managed to keep my new diet for 4 months now! I got fitter, faster and more energetic with the diet and exercise. The sugar highs and lows are eliminated and I perform better at my job and the soccer field. I highly recommend Shawn – he is the thinking person’s trainer!

Featured On KCAL 9 News “9 On The Town”

As a Holistic Personal Trainer in Los Angeles area, Shawn was asked to be a feature on KCAL 9 news.  His role was to train “Skye”, a TV producer, and help her lose weight and body fat over a 4 week period.  Skye lost 10 pounds of fat in those 4 weeks.  KCAL 9 News documented these training sessions by showing her progress over that period of time.  Skye followed a strict program that included a change in diet, in addition to adding strength training, and cardio to her daily activities.

After our first session, I spent about an hour and a half with Skye reviewing various nutritional tips to get her started.  We went over her grocery list, supplements, and diet. We covered how much protein she should eat, what type of carbs she should eat, as well as how many cardio and strength training sessions will help her reach her goal. See her video clips below:

Training: Day 1

Training: Week 2

Training: Week 4

More Testimonials as seen on Yelp and Google:

I have been working with Shawn for close to two years and I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone who not only wants to work on their physique, but wants to look at the root causes of why such a goal has not been achieved. Shawn is highly intelligent, well versed in nutrition and supplements, and most importantly empathetic. Shawn understands the challenges we all face in our quest to improve our minds and bodies. Shawn is not your typical trainer. A session with Shawn is not going to consist of lift this and lift that and nothing else. Shawn looks at your life circumstances, your nutrition, your genetics, your obstacles, and many more things. In my case, I have suffered from mental illness for the majority of my life. Shawn started to look at the biological root causes of my symptoms through review of my diet and calorie intake, several in depth tests, and referrals to additional professionals who could help me on my journey to a better body and mind. Shawn has graciously made himself available to me on off hours in order to provide additional support to me. I have made great progress with Shawn and honestly have never encountered a trainer quite like him. I am extremely grateful that I came across him and would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a full body and mind strengthening.

E. Nickson

I started working with Shawn two years ago, not knowing much about fitness and just wanting to “look better.” After learning about my fitness goals, Shawn was able to customize a program for me. Shawn is unlike any other personal trainer–because he looks beyond your appearance and also considers your overall health and holistic well-being. For instance, I work 80 hours a week in a high-stress environment, and my sleep quality was awful. Shawn realized that and introduced me to meditation techniques, which have tremendously improved my sleep quality and overall energy. Over the course of two years, Shawn helped me gain 10 lbs of muscles while maintaining my waist measurements. (It blows my mind.) That’s why I would gladly recommend Shawn to anyone interested in looking (and feeling) better.

Martin Wang

Shawn is terrific! He is very knowledgeable and takes a holistic approach to addressing all of your issues and concerns. I have worked with him off and on for about 5 years now, ever since I was diagnosed as prediabetic based on my HbA1c number. He helped me get my number down to where my doctor said I was no longer prediabetic! He did this by first assessing all aspects of my life (work, personal, mental, physical, emotional) and then making changes to my diet and recommending some great supplements to enhance my results, which I have been maintaining. At first I was resistant to the changes because I didn’t want to give up my delicious fatty junk foods, but he took the time to explain the science behind the changes he was asking me to make, what the foods he was asking me to eat would do for me, and frankly I feel much better now and have more energy and vitality! He has also changed my body through different types of exercises with phenomenal results. I feel like I have a new lease on life! I’ve also had the great fortune of attending a few of his lectures throughout the years, and every time I come away with so much knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to be my best self. This guy really knows what he’s doing! Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with him. I highly recommend him without hesitation.

Katherine Lee

Since I started his holistic program (which includes not just training and nutrition, but also managing your sleep and mental health), my energy is through the roof, my immune system is much stronger, and I’m losing weight easily. I couldn’t recommend his program more, worth every penny.

Susana Benaim

I can’t say enough about Shawn! He is truly the best and most knowledgeable trainer and holistic professional I’ve ever worked with. He not only knows about fitness and training, but also amazing at nutrition and health issues. Because he truly cares and wants clients to see results, he spends a lot of time on the assessment phase. Shawn took the time to assess everything I was going through (even with my emotional and mental health!) and put together a comprehensive personalized program to get me on track with the fastest, healthiest route to long-term results. I am sad I don’t live in LA so I can work with him for a lifetime. His clients are all lucky to work with him!

Mirna Bard

Shawn is THE BEST!! Why? He is BOTH a certified nutritionist and certified trainer for customized exercise together with knowledge about your body and proper nutrition. I thought I was eating well and found out the many, confusing myths about our food today. I am a 72 year old woman and almost gave up believing I could lose weight safely and whittle down that middle/old age spread. I had to lower my blood glucose levels too as there is Type 2 diabetes in my family. Well, so far I have lost 12 lbs. of body fat, gained muscle (!!!) and lost 2-1/4 inches from my waist in little over 2 months. I decided to invest in better food and work my body instead of spending money on pills and doctor’s visits.

Amy Y.

The origin of the word, “Health” comes from an old English root word meaning “Wholeness, or to be Whole”. While there’s many diseases and things we each strive to personally overcome, there’s an even greater state beyond that of what the fullness of life and health can be. Shawn has helped me take simple steps in my own life, not only to address the things I feel weigh me down physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. but also to enhance the quality of life to live in a more whole state. His simple approach that taps into foundational principles of holistic living has put health within my own reach and has empowered me to make the changes needed for living a more fulfilling, balanced, and healthy life. Thank you Shawn.

Samara Wright

I am 44 years of age and 70lbs over weight and if that is no enough… I am training for a professional boxing natch and the last time I wear boxing glove was 20 years ago. So aside from loosing weight the need to get healthy was mandatory. Shawn uses a scientific approach that matches the need to cure you or help you become the better you. In my case I needed a major overhaul and lifestyle change that will stick. We are still working on me, but as of now, I feel ten times more energetic, I sleep well, my testosterone has gone up and I work out as if I was 25. I was a professional athlete at one time and when I decided to get my life back, I met with multiple nutritionists and personal trainers. In every field no matter if you’re an actor, writer, a boxer… There is a thing called an IT FACTOR. You could be good, and train, rehearse and become great but seldom could you become phenomenal in what you do unless you have the IT FACTOR. Well, Shawn has the IT FACTOR when it comes to being a nutritionist and a personal trainer, if you listen and trust the process and do as he says the result will be prominent.

David Waknine

I really enjoy working with Shawn. When I started I thought I was in good shape, but he retooled my diet and exercise regimen and after only a few months was back to playing semi pro soccer. His extensive knowledge of both nutrition and exercise enables him to take a much more holistic/thorough approach. I highly recommend his services.

Kevin Longo

LA has a ton of personal trainers, but I doubt you’ll find many who are as knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and human physiology as Shawn. He crafted a program that immediately focused on sculpting my body how I want it, and has taught me a lot in terms of clean eating and fighting cravings. I saw results right away and my restful sleep improved quite a bit.I train at his West LA location, but I know he does in-home personal training as well.

Jason Walker

Retirement was very welcome and relaxing, but along with it came the weight gain. That’s when after 27 extra lbs. Shawn came to the rescue. I always thought I ate healthy, but nothing compares to Shawn’s Nutritional and Organic program along with supplements. Today I look and feel great. Migraines that used to ruin my life have abated. With the changes he made I have recovered my sense of smell. I lost it years before I retired and no doctors could help. Now I’m back to my normal size 8-10. Thanks to Shawn’s perserverence, I’m more conscientious of what I eat, keeping long walks on the beach, stretching and biking. All the above has given me more energy. I learned a Diet is not to do without, but learning how to choose what you can do with it!

Nilda Phillips

Shawn is great! He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me so much. My health issues have gotten so much better because of his program.

Caitlin Cassidy

Working with Shawn has been an amazing experience. When I first started with him, I was struggling with my sleep, energy, weight gain, and just overall feelings of unhappiness. In just a few short months, things have completely turned around. We went through a specific process for me that healed certain things in my body and my sleep has drastically improved; with that has come higher energy levels and more motivation to do everyday things. In addition to that, I have lost 5 and a half inches off my waist in 5 months. I am feeling better than I have in years and I have Shawn to thank for that!

Sierra Patzke

I’ve had amazing results with Shawn! My goal initially was to tone up and to reshape my butt. The difference with Shawn is that not only does he focus on training, but he also goes thru your nutrition program, lab testing, supplements, a stress program, hormones and much more. I’ve never gotten results like this. I look great in a dress, skirt, bathing suit and in my workout clothes. Now, I get compliments on my legs and waist. I love it!!! The other thing is that my skin looks great and I have so much more energy now. I think it’s really unique to combine so many different aspects of health into one program. If you’re looking for a holistic program to tone and shape your body and feel great, this is definitely for you. One word, Wow! Also, as a woman, my hormones are important to me. In the past, I’ve had various hormonal issues. On his program, my hormones are in balance. Everything hormone related is so much better. With Shawn, I think he’s best quality is that he’s a really good teacher and explains everything health related whether it’s the science of toning, shaping and fat loss to what is the fastest way to get results. If you work with him, get your tape measure and scale ready. He’s going to ask you to get that on day 1. Over the course of a few weeks, I started noticing my body toning up and looking better. My measurements started changing and in general I just started feeling better. His program is very comprehensive and to be honest, it’s less work than doing some boot camp class and his program has better results. And, for all of you that are into detoxing, he has a program for that too. Anyway, I would definitely recommend him.

Gabriella Nunez

Having trained with Shawn for just a couple of months, but didn’t get started on the what to eat until a couple weeks after.. that’s when I noticed the lost of pounds and inches off the waist. Shawn had taught me that getting to my goal is affected by all aspects of my life, such as quality/quantity of sleep, level of stress.. the holistic approach is key. Having the mentality of ‘must train hard everyday’ before and overtraining, I now know it is okay to take it easy day by day and surprisingly enough, can gain results too. Which I have experienced. Being a Jiu Jitsu practitioner, I’ve also noticed more endurance during my training there. I recommend Shawn if you’re looking for a coach that will help you gain more knowledge on getting quality out of your training and just overall quality of life. Thanks!

Deanna D.

He fixed me up in 5 months! He fixed my adrenal glands (adrenal fatigue) issues, elevated my energy, sleep, digestion, fixed my diet, helped me with stress management, helped me lose weight and look fit!

Sean D.

I worked with Shawn on getting more knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness. First of all, he lives by the rules that he teaches which immediately inspires you to be as healthy, youthful and energetic as he is. He is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition but he does not just give you a meal plan and walk away. He talks about your lifestyle, sleeping patterns, stress management and gives you a holistic lifestyle plan that is easy to follow yet completely life changing. If you are looking to invest in your health and make lasting, life long changes that reverse the clock, Shawn is your man!

Celine T.

Shawn’s expertise and patience has given me a new outlook on life. So far, I’ve lost 10 pounds and 3 inches from my waist and have more energy and better health than ever before. Shawn really is the best trainer in Los Angeles. Soon I will start the Functional Diagnostic Testing soon and look forward to maximizing my health potential. Make an appointment soon. Your body will thank you.

Carolina T.

I worked with Shawn in 2004-2005 when I was living in LA. When I worked with Shawn, I spent less time in the gym, ate more, felt better and looked better than at any other time in my life. In addition to the weight loss and increase in strength, Shawn taught me about proper nutrition (I was a sugar addict). Because of Shawn, I learned that I had “adrenal fatigue” – I continue to deal with this from time to time, but thanks to working with Shawn for almost a year, I still follow the principles and know how to get myself back on track when I start losing fitness, strength or the stress symptoms start to pop up – I now know how to handle those things. If you follow the program Shawn puts together for you, there is no doubt you will look better, feel better and have a much more fulfilling lifestyle and be much more healthy – on all levels. He and his team are hands-down the absolute best!

Karen S.