Did you Know if You Made…

Did you Know if You Made…

Did you know that if you made $100,000 in 2000, just to keep up with inflation, you would have to make $158,000 today.  OMG!  Am I reading this correctly?  An article written by a researcher at the American Institute for Economic Research discuses and address inflation over the past 12 years:

How does this relate to your health?  Simple, the less money people have…

  1. The more stress they have which of course correlates with disease.
  2. Less money to buy good quality food.
  3. They have to work more to pay the bills just to keep up with inflation, but more work equals less time to exercise.
  4. Less money for education.
  5. Using debt to cover cost of living.

This is why you’ll hear in the news that “the middle class is in decline”; this is what government officials and economists are talking about.  Simply put, incomes are not are going up, but inflation is going up -our dollars are buying less stuff.

So the question is… “what do you guys think is causing inflation?…”  Is it:

  1. Energy prices and OPEC?
  2. The fed printing money from nothing?…

What do you think?


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