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Is LAP-BAND® Adjustable Bypass Gastric Surgery A Solution For Losing Weight?

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Obesity is becoming prevalent and the dangers of being overweight could result in heart disease and diabetes. As more Americans are becoming health conscious many are undergoing a lap band procedure in Los Angeles to help them lose body fat. However, the procedure merely treats the symptoms. LAP-BAND® surgery could reduce overall hunger but limiting calorie consumption but it does not guarantee to actually solve the initial problem – it simply treats the symptoms and not the cause.

If you are looking for a better solution for obesity that is safe and effective, the lap band Los Angeles procedure is not the solution. You are at risk of the possible side effects from the procedure. Proper nutrition and exercise is the safest way of battling obesity. It directly addresses the cause of obesity and not merely its symptoms. Although exercise does not give a quick fix solution for obesity, it can give you long term health benefits and will help you in achieving your ideal weight.

Also, if your previous diet was toxic and nutrient deficient, the lab band will not solve these 2 problems.  These two issues alone will eventually cause disease.  In the book “The Gerson Therapy”, Dr. Gerson summarizes that the root cause of disease is toxicity and nutrient deficiency. Why spend money on a procedure that doesn’t address these two issues? Isn’t this a waste of your money? With exercise, you can get to the root cause of the problem by being active and burning off body fat.

Weight loss by using exercise is a natural process. You need not undergo an invasive procedure such as liposuction just to get rid of the fats from your body. It is a more practical solution for weight loss as it is inexpensive and encourages the natural process of losing weight. Long term exercise benefits your body by giving you better cardiovascular endurance and a healthy lifestyle. You will look your best, feel good about yourself and naturally lose weight without the feared side effects of surgery. The next time you consider losing weight, lap band surgery in Los Angeles is not a long-term solution. Exercise with proper nutrition will help condition your body to develop better muscle tone, achieve your ideal body weight and prevent the risks of gaining too much body fat. If you’re looking for a fitness trainer feel free to visit Personal Trainer in Los Angeles area.



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