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The Effect of Noisy Nighttime Environment to Blood Pressure

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If you are mindful about your blood pressure and on how to keep it low, then consider living in a better environment especially during the night time. Researches done recently showed that strident noises heard during the nighttime can cause blood pressure to escalate. You may find it unbelievable, but loud noises during night time can significantly make blood pressure rise even if you may seem sleeping soundly without the noise waking you up.

An actual study was conducted on volunteers who live within the area of London’s Heathrow Airport and the other three airports in Europe. There were 140 volunteers whose blood pressure was monitored by scientists or the Imperial College London in order to ascertain the effect of noise from airports or traffic during night time on the respondents’ blood pressure. Examination of blood pressure was done on a 15-minute interval and comparing it to the noise recorded at the place where the person was taking a sleep. The results of the study were published in the European Heart Journal.

The study showed that respondents manifested high blood pressure caused by noise events measuring about 35 decibels and even louder. The loud noise was caused by aircraft, traffic and snoring person. In the course of the study, researchers found out that the rise of blood pressure happened if the person is awakened by the loud sound or even remained undisturbed while sleeping.

It was noted that systolic blood pressure increased on the average of 6.2mm Hg at 35 decibel level of sound as well as the diastolic blood pressure with an average of 7.4 mmHg. The study found out that the sound that affects the blood pressure does not matter where it originated whether from a yelling person, traffic or vehicles but loudness and intensity of the sound really matters.

With the findings of the research, the risk of rising blood pressure is not only attributed to the food intake, stressful life but noisy environment during night time when an individual is sleeping. When blood pressure is consistently rising, this could lead to other health conditions such as developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and dementia. Getting a good night and peaceful sleep is important to keep blood pressure on its normal level. Aside from looking out of the diet and lifestyle, the sleeping environment should be ideal as well. It is important to keep the home calm, tranquil and a good environment which can help improve the general health.

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