The Gut: The Hub Of Health

Gut health and weight loss, good gut bacteria | Shawn Phillips Holistic Personal Trainer Los Angeles

So, I wanted to post some of my insights or thoughts on health, wellness, and anti-aging. Given much of the research that I have done, I have come to the conclusion that the gut is the center of health and that all disease and health symptoms start with poor gut function. Many other researchers in this field have come to the same conclusion including Dr. Elizabeth Lipski, Dr. Eli Metchinkoff, Dr. Natasha Campell, and many many more. Simply put, the gut is the hub and all the spokes of the wheel are all the systems in the body – when the hub becomes dysfunctional, all the systems become dysfunctional (the immune system, the digestive system, the detoxification system, the hormone system, etc.). So, what causes poor gut function? To name a few: Sugar, processed foods, birth control, environmental toxins, stress, lack of water and poor sleep. If you have any health challenges or symptoms or the inability to lose body fat, the first place to look is poor gut function. Instead of chasing symptoms, poor gut function is the root cause of most if not all health symptoms. Anyhoo, food for thought…

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