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The Health Benefits of Omega Fatty Acid Supplements in ADHD

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With the recent developments in the study for the treatment and management of ADHD conditions among children, the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics research provides a new discovery of the potential health benefits of omega fatty acids in alleviating symptoms of attention deficit that are common among ADHD children.

The research includes children with ADHD between the age of 7 and 12 years old. Conducted by a research team from the University of South Australia, these children, about 132 in numbers, were studied and observed for 30 weeks.

The subjects were divided into three groups. The groups were provided with omega-3 supplement, omega-3 plus multivitamin or palm oil capsule as a placebo study for 15 weeks. Subsequently after this period, each subject received an omega-3 and multivitamin supplements for 15 more weeks.

The outcome of the research study conducted provided researchers with the result of a significant reduction in the ADHD symptoms, more particularly on the hyperactivity among the children, their inability to focus and impulsiveness while taking the omega-3 throughout the duration of the research period of 30 weeks. About 50% of significant improvement was recorded. However, the taking of multivitamin did not provide significant health benefits in reducing the symptoms of ADHD among children.

It was recorded that the placebo group of ADHD children manifests improvement in their symptoms when they were given the omega-3 supplement. This makes omega-3 fatty acids a very important nutritional supplement among children with ADHD according to Philip Calder who is a professor in the University of Southampton, nutritional immunology department, who noted the significance of the study. It can then be assumed that children with ADHD suffering from attention deficits have the chance to improve their condition with adequate intake of omega-3 fish oil supplements in their diet.


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