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The Risk of Silver or Metal Dental Fillings

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Unknown to some, dental amalgam, the kind of substance that is being used as tooth fillings, contain dosage of Mercury that is known to be toxic to one’s health, especially to one’s nervous system.
Dental Amalgam
Dental Amalgam is a common material used to fill cavities. Some would refer to this as silver fillings. Amalgam is a combination of metals that has been used for dentistry use for more than a century. The metal contents of an amalgam are Silver, Mercury, Tin and copper. There is also a small amount of Zinc, Indium or Palladium.

Mercury Content in Amalgam

Among the metals mentioned, mercury has the highest percentage content in an amalgam roughly from 43% to 54% concentration. Mercury is being used in an amalgam because it is considered to be a soft metal thus making the filling material pliable. When it is mixed with an alloy powder, it is soft enough to mix and press in the cavity of the tooth. The mercury in amalgam is a neurotoxin and dentists are doing implants inches away from the brain.

The Health Risk of Mercury

Mercury is a pure element that appears to be shiny, silver-gray metal found in thermometers. This can break in globules when spilled. It can turn into a vapor which is invisible and without smell.  Mercury can cause irreversible damage to the brain, kidneys and other organs in the body.  There were studies conducted before associating mercury to different disorders like autism, ADHD, developmental delays, impaired vision, emotional and behavioral problems and other wellness issues. This element may cross the placenta and also passes into breast milk. According to a study, more than 325,000 babies born each year are affected by mercury poisoning.  These facts are concrete enough to start reconsidering other dental treatment alternatives, other than the conventional dental filling.

If you are less familiar with fillings, check out the video below that contains an expert demonstration of the general filling process.




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